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    The Tamarac IAFF Contract: Understanding the Agreement

    The city of Tamarac recently signed a new collective bargaining agreement with the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Local 3080, which represents the city`s career firefighters. The new contract covers the period from October 1, 2020, to September 30, 2023, and includes salary increases, changes to health care benefits, and other important provisions.

    As a citizen of Tamarac, it is important to understand the details of the IAFF contract and how it affects your community. Here is a breakdown of some of the key points:

    Salary Increases: Under the new contract, firefighters` starting salaries will increase from $44,556 to $48,000 per year. In addition, all firefighters will see a 3% salary increase in the first year, followed by 2.5% increases in each of the subsequent two years.

    Health Care Benefits: The IAFF contract includes changes to the city`s health care benefits, which will now be provided through a self-insured plan. The plan includes a range of coverage options, including medical, dental, and vision insurance.

    Time Off: The new contract also includes changes to firefighters` time off policies. Firefighters will continue to receive time off for vacation, holidays, and sick leave, but the contract also includes provisions for “personal days” and “family care” leave.

    Other Provisions: The IAFF contract includes a number of other provisions, including changes to disciplinary procedures and requirements for additional firefighter training. The contract also includes a provision for “just cause” terminations, which means that firefighters can only be fired for a specific reason, rather than at-will.

    Overall, the Tamarac IAFF contract is an important agreement that affects not only the city`s firefighters but also the community as a whole. By understanding the details of the contract, Tamarac residents can better appreciate the dedication and hard work of the city`s firefighters and the support they deserve.