Tuesday, September 24

Keynote:  10:00 am – 11:30 am
K The Power and Potency of Social Capital
Session A:  1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
W01 Documenting Performance – Yes, It Does Matter
W02 Promoting Ethics Through Social Capital – Part 1
W03 Alternative Approach to Mergers & Acquisitions: Network
Constellation – Part 1
W04 Understanding the Barriers to Self-Determination: A Provider
W05 Intercept Zero: Towards a Criminologically Informed Mental
Health System – Part 1
W06 Using Appreciative Inquiry to Affect Culture Change in a
Nonprofit Organization
W07 Talking Recovery: In Four Words or Less
W08  Education: The Forgotten Variable in the Treatment of Youth
Session B:  2:45 pm – 4:15 pm
W09 Dear Helga’s Back With New and More Complicated Issues
W10 Promoting Ethics through Social Capital – Part 2
W11 Alternative Approach to Mergers & Acquisitions: Network
Constellation – Part 2
W12 School Safety and Security Transformation – A Case Study
W13 Intercept Zero: Towards a Criminologically Informed Mental Health System – Part 2
W14 New Opportunities for Independence: The Promise of Generic, “Smart Home” Technology
W15 ACCSES National Vocational Update
W16 Inside Advocacy: Effective Government Relations
Plenary 1:  4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
 P1 Raising the Bar for Direct Support Professionals

Wednesday, September 25

Session C:  9:00 am – 10:30 am
W17 Raising Barns While Taking Down Silos: Cooperative Collaboration is Key
W18 Implications for Whole-Person Care in Opioid Treatment Programs: Lessons Learned from PA’s Centers of Excellence Initiative
W19 Trauma Informed Care: How Challenging Behaviors are Helpful
W20 Group Supervision Strategies: The Reflecting Team Approach
W21 Intensive Family Coaching
W22 Evaluating for Dementia with the Intellectually Disabled Population
W23 Community-Based Behavioral Health Infection Control Program
Session D:  10:45 am– 12:15 pm
W24 Tips & Secrets for MCO Contracting: A Voices for Independence Case Study to Demonstrate Success
W25 Foundation Funding
W26 A Whole Life Approach to Independent Living
W27 Becoming a Person of Influence
W28 Behavioral Health Home Plus and the Art of the SMART Goal for Healthy Change
W29 Developing a Community Advisory Board: An Essential Resource for Your Organization
Session E:  1:45 pm  3:15 pm
W30 Children’s Service Integration: A Framework for Scaling Evidence-Based Practice & Practice-Based Evidence to Support Resilience in Children & Families
W31 Financial Education: A Necessity for All
W32 Ethics: The Five Pillars of Community Delivered – Part 1
W33 Clinicians’ Role in Empowering Direct Support Professionals as Key Members of the Multidisciplinary Team
W34 Human Trafficking: PA’s Response to an Urgent Issue
W35 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD): Adult, Family & Professional Perspectives
W36 Reducing Burnout and Improving Care Through Trauma-Informed Supervision
Session F:  3:30 pm  5:00 pm
W37 Value-Based Payments Area in Your Organization’s Future  One Year Update!
W38 From Open Access to Daily Huddle: Managing a Team-Based Approach for Admissions
W39 Ethics: The Five Pillars of Community Delivered Services – Part 2
W40 It’s All Relative: Harnessing the Power of Families in Rehab, Mental Health, Aging, and Substance Abuse Services
W41 Mindful Leadership
W42 Skill Building Plans: Making Instructions and Progress Reporting Efficient

Thursday, September 26

Session G:  9:00 am – 10:30 am
W43 The Impact of Leadership on Culture and Performance – Part 1
W44 Transitioning to The ASAM Criteria: The Underlying Principles
W45 Mobile Crisis Teams: Looking at the Big and Small Picture
W46 Transforming a Workforce through Servant Leadership
W47 Using Evidence-Based Practice Supported Employment to Secure Work for Individuals with Serious Mental Illness
W48 Support Deaf or Hard of Hearing Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
W49 Best Practices in Suicide Risk Assessment and Crisis Response Planning
Session F:  10:45 am – 12:15 am
W50 The Impact of Leadership on Culture and Performance – Part 2
W51 Optimize Children’s Services Through Transformational Leadership
W52 The SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act: What You Need to Know About the New Law’s Expansion of Criminal Laws Against Paying for Patient Referrals
W53 Clinical Supervision in Community Mental Health Settings: Moving Towards Excellence While Creating Extraordinary Experiences
W54 Supporting Choice in Relationships for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities
W55 Strategies to Enhance the Peer Workforce: Implementation of the Peer Support Supervision Toolkit
W56 Capital Area Employment First Coalition – Embracing Employment First through Collaboration
W57 Rural Trauma-Informed System of Care in Pennsylvania: A 15,000 Square Mile View
Session I:  2:15 pm – 3:45 pm
W58 ESFT: A Systemic Approach for Traumatized Families
W59 One Agency’s Lesson Learned – Workplace Violence
W60 Managed Care Quality Measures for I/DD Services
W61 Meet Me in the Middle
W62 Are We Doing Our Very Best? Exploring the Challenges Caused by Co-occurring Conditions
W63 When Helpers Ned Help: Doing for Yourself What You Do for Others
W64 The Capital Area’s Value-Based Purchasing Program for Family Based – A Review of Its First Year
Plenary 2:  4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
P2 A Panel Discussion of The DHS Perspective on Pennsylvania’s Journey Towards Value-Based Payments

Friday, September 27

Session J:  9:00 am – 10:30 am
W65 ANCOR Update: What’s Happening in Washington, DC
W66 Behavioral Health National Policy Update and Trends Overview Including PA Behavioral HealthChoices as a “Keystone” for the Future of Whole-Person Care
Plenary 3:  10:45 am – 11:45 am
P3  Updates from the Department of Human Services