Presenter Resources

Presenter Resources

Thank you to all of our presenters!

Thank you for presenting at the RCPA, MDCBH, and A.N.D. virtual conference, Leading in 2021: Hoping, Healing, Helping. In addition, we greatly appreciate your willingness to prerecord your session. Last year, many participants appreciated that the sessions were recorded, giving them time to watch after the event ended. That applies again this year, as the conference platform will remain “open” for one month.

Here are the things you need to know:

  • Pre-recorded sessions are due by September 3.
  • The session should be a minimum of 60 minutes for continuing education (CE) purposes.
    • *We recommend that sessions not go much longer than the 60 minutes, in order to ensure full participation for the duration.
  • The recording must be submitted in an MP4 format.
  • When you are ready to upload your video, please email Hayley Myer for instructions.
  • RCPA will not be editing these submissions – please ensure that the video works.

Some useful links to presentation guides are below. Please contact Sarah Eyster with questions. We are grateful for your time and effort in supporting the conference, Leading in 2021.

Please use this background for your Zoom sessions whenever possible. Just right-click on the image that pops up and select “Save image as” to save to your computer.

  •  Pre-Recording Video Presentation Guide
  •  Speaker Guide for Live Video Streaming
  •  RCPA Speaker Prep Recording
  •  RCPA Speaker Preparation, Tips, and Tricks